?What is Laser Tag
:Laser Tag
What you need to know
​​Laser Tag is an exciting game played indoors in a UV-lit arena with specially designed obstacles. A perfect entertainment option for anyone from ages 9+, no matter what the weather.

Laser Tag is similar to paintball were you play in teams to try and outscore the opponenet, but using laser guns instead. All of the fun with none of the pain!

Players wear a Vest with an attached "Phaser" (gun). When the player pulls the trigger, an infra-red signal from the Phaser is emitted.
The aim of the game is to "tag" the other team, this is done by aiming at hte other player's Vest.

The Vests are illiminated with different colours to indicate what team that player is tagged, their gun de-activates for a set time period. During this time the lights on the vest go out (or dim) and the Phaser no longer operates. The Phaser/Vest re-activates after a 3 - 12 seconds.

Laser Headquarters also incorporated base stations and interactive lights within the arena. a member computer screen with the scores are available at the end of your game...
The Rules of Laser Tag
Laser Headquarters: Helpful tips on playing Laser Tag
​​In order to make the game enjoyable for everyone and to help prevent injuries, there are certain rules that needs to be followed.
  • ​​Laser Tag is a non-contact sport. Contact with other players is grounds for removal from the game.
  • ​Sesor Visability: Your sensor needs to be visable at all times during game play. Covering your sensor is grounds for removal from the game.
  • ​Sportsmanship is important: Do not shoot someone who has fallen down.
  • ​Showing fits of temper or being angry with opponents is not a part of the laser tag game. The main purpose is to have fun.
  • ​Please respect our premises, equipment and obstacles. Causing damage is grounds for removal from the game and/or banning from Laser Headquarters, as well as being held liable for said damages.
  • Please respect our staff as they are here to assist you.
  • ​No alcohol is allowed on the Laser Headquarters premises, unless prearranged with managements and only for certain events.
  • ​At events, no playing allowed while intoxicated. This will be to the Marshall's discretion.
  • ​No food and drinks to be brought onto the Laser Headquarters premises, unless prearranged with managements, and only for Events. There is a vending machine in order to purchase snacks and refreshments.

  • ​​It is advisable to know the rules thoroughly before participating in the game, or othewise a participant may have to quit well in advance before the end of the game.
  • ​Always wear comfortable clothing that will allow yo to bend, crouch and stretch.
  • Always wear closed, flat shoes.
  • ​Try to wear dark clothing. Whites and light colours will be visable in the UV-lights and can make you an easy target.

and remember most of all...